The Red Wine Dispatch

The Red Wine Dispatch

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Satisfy your subscription addiction with the red wine dispatch- a forever ever changing selection of wines delivered to your doorstep from off the beaten track.  

~ 6 bottles 

~ Our mission is to get you out of the supermarket and introduce you to better wines- from new regions and grape varieties. We hand pick all our wines directly from small, independent winemakers focusing on organic and bio-dynamic wine made with minimal intervention and as little impact on the environment as possible.

We understand that choosing wine can be daunting so why not leave it to me? A long time wine lover and adventurer?

Plus, these aren’t your regular bottles of red- the wine dispatch supports the small guys, the odd bunch and the hard to find wines from small vineyards.  The wines we share with you in the wine dispatch are lip smacking, full of integrity & authenticity. These wines are made by wine-makers that cherish their vineyards and look after the environment while making liquid drops of gold. We love sharing high quality wines from family owned/owner operated/fiercely solo producers with a big show of love for minimal intervention & biodynamic crafters .


We guarantee that these wines will satisfy your curiosity and enthral all your senses.

Wines that are made by people who care for people who care.   

We stand firmly by our ethos - wine is only as good as the company you drink it with. So choose your friends or your best self wisely!

The long and short of it is that all of the wines come from independent winemakers, and your subscription fee helps those artisans do what they do best!