The Mary Anning  Necklace

The Mary Anning Necklace

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Mary Anning was the unsung hero of fossil discovery.

Golden Amber and rare sleeping beauty turquoise. 

Mined from its granite host rock, the Sleeping Beauty mine in Arizona yields only a small amount of high quality turquoise, making it much more rare and valuable than the larger quantity of lower-grade turquoise it also produces.

The rich, sky blue color and the lack of heavy matrix has made it famous all over the world, rivaling even the robin's egg clear blue Persian turquoise so coveted by collectors. ... It forms in nuggets with a soft white matrix, occasionally with small amounts of quartz or pyrite.

We think it’s the most beautiful turquoise in the world. The problem with turquoise, these days, is that there are many look a-likes, especially when it comes to Sleeping Beauty with its perfect robin’s egg blue. Plastic can be made to look like turquoise; “chalk” turquoise dust can be reconstituted to look like the real thing; turquoise can be stabilized with resins and dyed to look better than it really is. Howlite, a porous white stone, can be colored to look like Sleeping Beauty. Some of the imitations are so good that experts find it difficult to spot fakes with the naked eye. 

This turquoise was sourced directly from the mine, which closed in 2015. 

Baltic Amber + Sleeping Beauty Turquoise command the high value and uniqueness of this necklace.