Teusner Empress Riesling

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The Barossa Valley is home to the oldest and some of the finest Shiraz vineyards in the world. However, someone ‘up there’ must be really looking out for them Barossa winemakers, as they are right next door to the the Eden Valley, birth place of many of Australia’s supreme dry Rieslings. And if Shiraz is the big, rich and bold ‘king’ of the Barossa Valley, then surely Riesling must be the strong, sensual and desirable ‘empress’ of the Eden Valley.

This wine is full of citrus blossom, the palate overflowing with lime, grapefruit and Meyer lemon, the high tensile acidity a perfect anchor for consumption today or 10 years hence.


Circle what you can taste !

Freshly squeezed lime juice, freshly cut flowers, lemon pith petrol, almond paste, stone, lemon, grapefruit, racy sexy acidity, honey, apricot...